Video Exhibition of Jianlong Group's Social Responsibility Practice - Tangshan Jianlong

  • Time of issue:2021-12-22 15:07

Video Exhibition of Jianlong Group's Social Responsibility Practice - Tangshan Jianlong

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Practice social responsibility  Promote Common Prosperity

Video Exhibition of Jianlong Group's Social Responsibility Practice

In order to better fulfill social responsibility, promote common prosperity and build a beautiful enterprise, in 2021, the Group Party Committee, the Group Corporate Culture Center and subsidiaries jointly launched a series of video exhibition projects of Jianlong Group's social responsibility practice with the theme of "practicing social responsibility and promoting common prosperity", showing Jianlong's courage to bear social responsibility from multi-dimension and multi perspective. The first video shows the social responsibility practice of Tangshan Jianlong, the birthplace of Jianlong Group.


Tangshan Jianlong



Since its establishment in 1998, Jianlong Group has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, donated more than 360 million Yuan and paid more than 50 billion yuan in taxes.

Under the command and deployment of Zhang Zhixiang, Chairman and President of the Group, all subsidiaries of the Group adjust measures to local conditions, fully practice the corporate culture, give full play to the advantages of the Party and the masses, actively participate in a number of social public welfare undertakings, establish a "New Iron & Steel Loving Fund" in Fushun City, Liaoning Province and special poverty alleviation fund in Tieli City, Heilongjiang Province to promote targeted poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization of the two cities; they set up a special education fund - "Jianlong Fund" in Northeast University, and has carried out more than ten years of donation to education; they carry out consumption poverty alleviation and education poverty alleviation in Wenxi County, Shanxi Province, Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province and Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia; they carry out industry-city integration projects such as waste heat heating in Yuncheng, Lvliang, Harbin, Yichun, Fushun and Panshi, so as to promote the green development of the city while benefiting the people. Especially in the early days of the outbreak of COVID-19, Jianlong Group quickly deployed its subsidiaries to donate to the government, which was about 102 million Yuan.

Jianlong's social practice has been widely praised by the society. Its subsidiaries Shanxi Jianlong and Jianlong Xilin Iron & Steel have won the honorary title of "National Advanced Group for Poverty Alleviation". Chengde Jianlong, Heilongjiang Jianlong, Inner Mongolia Jianlong and Shanxi Jianlong have won the honorary title of "National Advanced Private Enterprise for Fighting Against the COVID-19", Ningxia Jianlong, Heilongjiang Investment Group,etc. have won the honorary title of the Provincial "Advanced Group for Fighting against the COVID-19"...



The purpose of this series of videos is to

constantly encourage Jianlong colleagues to

remember their original heart, remember their mission

so as to build a beautiful enterprise

through effective value creation

and make new and greater contributions

to the common prosperity of the country